Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common questions and answers about SiteHype.


What is SiteHype?

SiteHype is a social content reader and search engine service providing fast and simple access to a diverse variety of content from a large variety of quality sources.

What makes SiteHype different?

We developed SiteHype to help content sites and publishers find new ways of reaching more people and to help everyone gain access to interesting, unique and diverse content in a simple and powerful service. We do this by hand-selecting which sites are included in SiteHype and providing our users with the tools they need to personalize their content consumption through a simple interface.

Why is SiteHype better than other news and content readers?

We are biased in our opinions of course, but we believe SiteHype is better than other news and content readers for several reasons, starting with providing access to a much larger variety of content sources rather than promoting the same sources you see everywhere else. SiteHype lets everyone decide what content they see or do not see by providing our users with the tools to follow and block content using a simple and fast interface. Most importantly, SiteHype provides an independent platform with no political alignment or corporate agendas, and best of all, we do it for FREE!

How does SiteHype make money?

Right now, we do not. We want to keep our news and content reader service FREE for everyone, so we are developing new and extended services that we hope will generate revenue in the near future.

Who created SiteHype?

SiteHype was created by one developer with the goal of helping independent web sites and content publishers reach more people and gain more exposure.


Does SiteHype favor liberal or conservative content sites and viewpoints?

SiteHype operates as an independent site and platform with no political affiliation. Our goal is to include content with a variety of viewpoints and provide our users with the tools to personalize and filter content based on their own preferences.

Why do you include sites I do not like in SiteHype?

As content consumers, we all have sites that we like and do not like, but as a platform, it is not our place or responsibility to decide that for you. SiteHype provides you with the ability to filter content you want and do not want to see.

Does that mean any site is allowed in SiteHype?

While we strive to maintain a neutral position when it comes to politics and viewpoints, we do not allow sites that promote violence against other people or that fail to adhere to US laws and regulations.

Does SiteHype include sites who publish illegal content?

Content that violates US laws and regulations is not allowed on SiteHype and any site(s) found to be publishing this content will be removed from our site.


Why should I add my site to SiteHype?

Too many content publishers rely heavily on one or two sources for most of their non-direct traffic which makes them very vulnerable and sensitive to changes made by those sources. When search algorithms or the way content is promoted and demoted is changed by those sources, it can have a dramatic impact on a content publisher's traffic and revenue. The more you diversify your traffic sources, the less your site will be affected by those types of changes.

How can I add my site to SiteHype?

You can use the Submit Site form to submit your site for review. While we cannot guarantee your site will be added to SiteHype, we will review and consider it.

Can I submit sites I like to SiteHype?

Absolutely! In fact, most site owners would greatly appreciate you doing that for them.

How long does it take for a submitted site to be added to SiteHype?

Submitted sites are reviewed in batches at different intervals. Depending on when a site was submitted, it can take up to 14 days before it is reviewed and added if approved.

How are sites selected to be added to SiteHype?

Sites are manually reviewed and selected for inclusion in SiteHype by our staff. While this is very time consuming, it allows us to maintain a high level of quality of content and search results while preventing manipulation and abuse by unscrupulous actors.

How do I remove my site from SiteHype?

While not common, we will remove a site and its indexed content from our search engine when requested. To request your site be removed from SiteHype, please use the Contact Us page to provide information that we can use to verify you are authorized to make the request.

It is important to understand that once a site is removed by request, it will not be considered for re-inclusion in the SiteHype search engine again for at least one year.

This document was last updated: October 23, 2021

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