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Of the over 400 climate scenarios assessed in the 1.5°C report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), only around 50 scenarios avoid significantly overshooting 1.5°C. Of those only around 20 make realistic assumptions on ...
Radical changes to the food system are needed to safeguard our food supply and combat malnutrition in the face of climate change, environmental degradation and epidemics, says new report.
Researchers are calling for a 'paradigm shift' in combating airborne pathogens such as COVID-19, demanding universal recognition that infections can be prevented by improving indoor ventilation systems.
In a recent study, researchers explore how nurturing feelings of gratitude can enhance motivation among college students. Their results show that a keeping a daily gratitude journal for only two weeks has a positive impact on academic motivations ...
Rush hour will likely return when pandemic lockdowns lift, but a new study suggests that congestion pricing -- policies that charge tolls for driving during peak hours -- could not only cure traffic jams but also convince motorists it is safe to ...
The 'ideal student' - valued by both learners and university staff - is a punctual, organized, hard worker and enthusiastic learner - rather than someone with excellent academic results, high intelligence and good employability.
Researchers report that users responded differently when AIs either offered to help the user, or asked for help from the user. This response influenced whether the user trusted the AI with their personal information. They added that these ...
A study of the 2020 influenza figures from Canada, the United States, Australia and Brazil shows that there is a clear relationship between COVID-mitigation measures such as hand-washing, masking and social distancing and the spread of the annual ...
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