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President Joe Biden, under political pressure, agreed to admit four times as many refugees this budget year as his predecessor did, but resettlement agencies concede the number actually allowed into the U.S. will be closer to the record-low cap ...
The operator of the nation's largest gasoline pipeline - hit earlier this week by a ransomware attack - announced Saturday it has resumed "normal operations," delivering fuel to its markets, including a large swath of the East Coast.
Walmart and Costco are relaxing their face mask requirements following the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issuing new coronavirus guidance this week.
Poles pulled off their masks, hugged their friends and made toasts to their regained freedom as restaurants, bars and pubs reopened for the first time in seven months and the government dropped a requirement for people to cover their faces outdoors.
If you ask trained, educated economists about the American economy, they will tell you a wide variety of indicators and theories on why they believe said economy is performing well or poorly. If you ask the average American about it instead, one ...
President Biden's top economic adviser said Friday that a spike in consumer prices reflects "choppiness" in the economic recovery, but it won't likely result in long-term inflation.
Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, used his annual address on the state of the industry to warn against returning to "archaic" tax policies and enacting pro-union legislation championed by ...
Switzerland's biggest and oldest life insurance company will pay more than $77 million to the U.S. Treasury after admitting it helped U.S. taxpayers dodge tax responsibilities through offshore accounts after Swiss banks stopped providing tax ...
A labor union for grocery and retail workers says it fears the Biden administration's decision to relax its mask rules for COVID-19 vaccinated persons will put its members at risk because unvaccinated persons will use it as an excuse to ditch ...
The "tax gap," or the difference between taxes owed and taxes paid, is emerging as one of the few conceivable ways to finance a big chunk of President Biden's infrastructure priorities if both sides truly dig in on their "red lines ...
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